Our process begins with an in house design service. This service includes both the visual aesthetic design and structural integrity engineering. The visual design is for anyone needing help with the appearance and style of the door. Our design service insures that the door can be built without sacrificing safety, function, aesthetics and most importantly, quality.

Once the design accompanied with shop drawings, specifications and a cost quote are accepted; it is then put into production.

All material is hand selected for color and grain continuity. Only the finest materials are used in our doors.

The door and frame is then prepped for hardware selected. This process is done in a perfect shop environment which consists of plumb, square and level. Accuracy in this step is critical to the function and performance, since some of these doors weigh as much as six hundred pounds.  Finally, the hardware is removed in preparation for finishing.

The finishing process includes many steps with hand sanding between each of the stain, and top coats. Since this is a shop controlled environment, it is insured that all six sides properly and thoroughly sealed.

Our craftsmen and in house services are what define us as door experts and not just another manufacturer of doors. While our doors are not inexpensive, it is their permanent quality and timeless beauty that gives them a value that outlasts any monetary value assigned to them.

Our service and warranty is second to none in the industry. This virtually eliminates product liability to the contractor, architect, designer and owner. We are one of the very few that offers a warranty on wooden exterior doors. The confidence and track record of our doors is what allows us to feel comfortable with such a warranty.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you on your next project and living up to or exceeding our level of performance and quality.

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